Business consulting

I’d love to help you design a business that really works.

The time is right if…

  • You’re tired of working hard and not making the money you want.
  • You’d like to have clients in any geographic region and work from anywhere.
  • You want to create a membership or teach courses online.
  • You’d like your business to be more aligned with who you are.

Get ready to relaunch your business with leverage and greater revenue potential. I went from making $250.00 to $600.00 an hour.

Weekly coaching: $1,000 a month

Bi-weekly coaching: $500 a month

We’ll work on:

  • Your business model (how you’ll make money and create leverage)
  • Your ideal client, strategic partners, and potential affiliates.
  • Your value proposition differentiator, marketing messages and website.
  • Your best marketing channels and strategy.
  • Business development strategies to help you close business.

Let’s have a discussion to explore! email me at and we’ll set up a time.


I grew my business by 500% in one year as a result of working with Rhonda. I got very clear on how to market my business and started getting out and speaking. She helped me come up with the right messages and my close rate has gone from 35% to 65%.

Katie Osborn, Via Collective

Rhonda Page is a true genius when it comes to creating a brand that has you stand out as an authority in your niche. I found our sessions to be incredibly stimulating and always lead to great clarity and a unique look that I can build my business around for years to come.

Jane Deuber, Global Experts Accelerator