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According to Seth Godin in his book Tribes, “Too many organizations care about numbers, not fans. By empowering and growing a tribe, you create fans, increase the strength of competing brands and create loyalty”. Today’s consumers want to be part of a tribe – they want to interact socially, build community, be supported by and partnered with organizations. In order to achieve this goal, we need to be able to empathize with them.

Webster’s dictionary defines empathy as “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions”. For most of my 25 plus years in branding, it was only the biggest clients who were able to afford the market research that would tell them how their customers were feeling. Today, There are many ways to understand consumers even if your client doesn’t have the big market research budget. If you truly want your clients to be successful you need to help them understand how their customer is feeling in a real and meaningful way. Traditionally, graphic designers have not dipped their toes in this water but things have changed. The role of the design firm is evolving and if you want your firm to be successful you need to consider enhanced services to offer.

How understanding consumer behavior is really a natural fit for designers

Designers have built in empathy! You are sensitive beings – sensitive to your surroundings, to light and color, to shape and form. You are sensitive, intuitive people and you can use this sensitivity and intuition to help your clients achieve empathy with their customers – if you channel your talents in the right direction.

Every designer starts their process with information-gathering and discovery before beginning to work on ideas. What if the discovery process was much more important than it has been in the past. What if you spent the time to truly learn what’s going on for consumers and built that into the budget. The big companies will still go for the big market research houses, but what about all the others? This, my friend, brings me to your opportunity! I’ve been doing this kind of work for years (and getting paid well to do so!) with no training whatsoever. What I’m talking about goes much deeper than graphic design and  benefits to your client are significant:

  • connect on a much deeper level with consumers
  • create unique and memorable customer experiences
  • create loyal fans who will stick with the brand
  • increase return buyers

The 4 money making opportunities blueprint

This Link takes you to the Blueprint with 4 services that you can add to your business. Each one of these you can do yourself and many designers are offering these services now. Tell your client that it will get them a far greater return on their marketing investment. This type of work will help you make a far greater impact for clients and then they’ll stay loyal to your firm! Start with one and see how it goes. You can even over to test pilot it with a client at a special reduced fee.