Start teaching group programs

When I started teaching groups I went from making $250 an hour to $600 an hour. I explain it in the Webinar

This is a self-study starter course for those who are ready to dabble in the world of teaching groups online. I’ll walk you through the steps to create your course, marketing, and launching it. I’m going to give you the tools, templates, and scripts and walk you through it step-by-step.

What you’ll learn:

  • What your course should be about
  • How to structure your course and what to charge for it
  • How to fill your course
  • How to turn your students into ongoing long term clients

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Your Brand Boost

Watch the videos: The 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes small businesses make that keep them from getting clients.

Self paced course with 6 modules $347

Whether you’re a start up or you’ve had a coaching or consulting practice for a while you want your marketing efforts to get clients. If you’re not getting the clients you want, you may need to do some branding (and I’m not talking about your logo). 

What you’ll learn:

  • What branding really is about and the impact it can have on your sales and marketing.
  • Who your ideal client or target audience is and how to capture their attention.
  • How to stand out from your competition so client’s know they want to work with only you!
  • How to work with graphic designers and other suppliers so you don’t get frustrated and waste money.

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