It’s amazing how time goes by. It seems like yesterday that I did my planning for the first quarter and it’s already mid-March. I started doing strategic plans with clients about a year ago and then I decided to take some of my own advice and do my own. (It’s funny how we need to remind ourselves to listen to our own advice). This morning I worked on my strategic plan. I have 4 initiatives that I want to make happen in this year and when I do the plan, I break it down into a 90 day period. I tend to try to do it all and end up in overwhelm so now I have my plan for the next 90 days and I feel so much better. It’s complete with financial goals and everything. I’ve read the e-myth twice now and that “working on your business” thing that Michael Gerber says is so critical for entrepreneurs¬†is bang on. So take the time to work “on” rather than “in” it totally pays off!